Why making a Will is so important

An estimated two thirds of adults in the UK have not made a Will.[1] Without a Will, property passes according to the rules of intestacy, contained primarily in the Administration of Estates Act 1925[2] as amended.[3] Distribution under intestacy is made according to a hierarchical list, starting with the spouse (including same sex married couples and civil partners[4]) and close family members, moving through more distant relatives and ending with the Crown. However, the rules are ‘a blunt instrument that …

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Making an Inheritance Act claim

Have you found yourself left out of a Will where you think the Deceased ought to have provided for you? In these circumstances, you may find yourself wondering if you can make a claim. There are several different grounds on which you can do this. Many claims against an estate centre around the fact that the Deceased did not make reasonable financial provision for a loved one. This might be because the Deceased made a Will which left the love one …

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Website terms template

This free website terms template may be adapted for your own website (personal or commercial) provided that the link to our site on page 6 remains in place. Click here to download the terms in MS Word: Website Terms Template

How to avoid property hijacking

Property hijacking is a type of fraud that occurs when a fraudster poses as the owner of a property and mortgages or sells it without the owner’s consent. Alternatively, the fraudster may claim to have consent to sell, and may even show documents to prove so. This guide explains the steps you can take to protect your property from such actions. Who is at risk? Those most at risk of property hijacking include: People who rent out their property People …

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