Family law

We help clients throughout England and Wales.

In today’s society the nuclear family is less common than ever before. Cohabiting families are increasing more rapidly than any other group, and many families include children from more than one relationship.

An experienced family lawyer will advise on a very wide range of issues affecting the family, including:

  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Separation, including Separation agreements and making a temporary Will.
  • Divorce
  • Cohabitation agreements and Declarations of Trust, to record how a property is held, who pays the expenses and what happens if the relationship breaks down
  • Children’s issues, such as access by non-resident parents
  • Child arrangements orders both for parents and other relatives, such as grandparents
  • Mediation to help resolve disputes without the need for litigation
  • Court orders to protect parties from domestic violence
  • Consent orders recording financial arrangements once parties have divorced

Experienced family lawyers know that a sympathetic and patient approach is always required in family matters with the aim of resolving disputes quickly and with minimal stress and confrontation. Where children are involved, the need to shelter them from proceedings is paramount.

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